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We also gladly supply retailers with attractive conditions.

What we offer:

- Broad and modern assortment
- Fast delivery with daily shipping
- Automated online order placement
- Automated online stock availability

What we expect:

- Frequently recurring orders
- First class support to your clients

We only give access to retailers operating a brick & mortar walk-in shop and / or a well organized webshop, operated full time and in a professional manner.

We expect recurring orders from our dealers in order to maintain a lively business relationship. Although an annual minimum turnover is not mandatory, once registered if no order is placed within 30 days your account will be closed. The minimum order amount for an initial order is $2000AUD excluding freight and GST. If there is no movement within 6 months after the first order, your account may be disabled and a second review and approval might become necessary for reactivation.

Please register as a customer and contact us by email or thru the contact form providing your ABN as well as a detailed description of your business activity (important). Once your application has been reviewed we will inform you immediately. Please note that we reserve the right to reject applicants.

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